TMS Media Coverage

TMS Media Coverage

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has been featured in several prominent news publications highlighting its success in treating depression. Among these publications and television shows are: Dr. Oz, The Daily Buzz, TIME Magazine, Scientific American, Discover Magazine, and Good Housekeeping. See below for more news stories discussing the latest applications of TMS Therapy.

05/24/2018 | Mens Health: One man talks about treating his depression with a new form of therapy

05/23/2018 | PA HomePage: Magnetic field treatment for depression

05/19/2018 | Milwaukee Courier: Clinic Offers Alternative Treatment Options for Depression

05/17/2018 | KOAA: Patient with severe depression shares experience with TMS treatment

05/08/2018 | KATC: Alternative treatments for depression

05/03/2018 | Science Daily: Brain stimulation reduces suicidal thinking in people with depression

04/23/2018 | Alzheimer's News Today: Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

04/17/2018 | Psychiatry Advisor: rTMS as Maintenance Therapy for Bipolar and Unipolar Depression

04/09/2018 | Frederick News-Post: Successfully treating depression through a little-known treatment

03/28/2018 | MSN: Michael Phelps wants USOC to help athletes cope with depression

03/05/2018 | Bellevue Reporter: Alternative treatment of depression gaining popularity

02/23/2018 | Harvard Health: TMS - Hope for stubborn depression

02/16/2018 | NorCal News: TMS, The Leading Edge in Healthcare

02/13/2018 | San Diego Tribune: David Wells Donates for Veterans to Receive Depression Treatment

02/06/2018 | Psychiatric Times: TMS - A Top-Down Process

01/30/2018 | UNM HSC: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treats Mild to Moderate Depression

01/26/2018 Psychiatric Times: TMS - The Procedure

01/19/2018 | Psychiatric Times: TMS - A Look Under the Hood

01/15/2018 | Psychology Today: Research looking at TMS therapy for depression and PTSD

01/03/2018 | WTOL11: Technique used to treat depression proves effective

12/26/2017 | Whyy: If I lose my chronic depression, how much of myself will go with it?

12/21/2017 | Psych Congress: Study Supports Efficacy of Shorter TMS Treatments

12/20/2017 | Scientific American: Fighting Depression with Magnets

12/13/2017 | TG Daily: An Alternative to Treating Depression with Medication

12/03/2017 | Mail Tribune: Magnetic pulses can ease depression

11/10/2017 | Daily Journal: TMS offers option for treatment-resistant depression

11/05/2017 | Post and Courier: Treating Chronic Pain without Medication

10/20/2017 | Psychiatry Advisor: Maintenance rTMS for Treatment-Resistant Depression

10/18/2017 | WSMV: Using a new treatment to combat depression

10/10/2017 Cision: Neurostar TMS Approved as Depression Treatment in Japan

10/09/2017 9News: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for depression

09/20/2017 The Conversation: TMS Therapy can rewind Alzheimer's disease

09/18/2017 Columbian: Magnetic treatment takes on depression

09/07/2017 ABC13: Drug Free Depression Treatment

09/01/2017 National Geographic: How Science Is Unlocking the Secrets of Addiction

08/23/2017 Fox17: Non-invasive, drug-free technology helps those with depression

08/01/2017 Healthline: Treatment That Rewires the Brain Could Be Used for Depression

07/25/2017 Psychiatry Advisor: TMS Treats Rx-Resistant Depression In Older and Younger Adults

07/21/2017 Fibromyalgia Today: TMS Could Help Relieve Fibromyalgia Pain, Study Suggests

07/18/2017 Reader's Digest: The Treatment That Finally Lifted My Depression After Everything Else Failed

07/05/2017 Charlotte Observer: On the radio, he brings life to the party. Off it, mental illness nearly killed him.

07/01/2017 San Antonio Express: Study to test TMS to treat PTSD

06/23/2017 CBS New York: Magnetic Therapy Can Provide Alternative Treatment For Depression

06/21/2017 WCPO9: Study Tests TMS Waking up the Brain After a Stoke

06/16/2017 Medical Xpress: Investigating emotional spillover in the brain

06/15/2017 WAPT News: Doctors Treating Depression with Breakthrough Treatment

06/06/2017 9News: New Treatment working wonders for teens with depression

06/01/2017 News Medical: TMS offers hope for seniors with depression

Patient Success Stories

"I can't say enough good things about Brain Wellness Center and all their staff! Everyone is super friendly and knowledgeable, and they were able to explain everything to me I'm simple layman's terms… 
Jason J.
"I have struggled with depression my whole life, and for those who also suffer from it, you know It not only affects you, but everyone around you. I had tried multiple medications, but they either we… 
Leonard S.
"Brain Wellness Center changed my life from the beginning. At first I was skeptical just like you all probably are, saying that this procedure would have a decrease or a complete recovery from depres… 
Gianella A.

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