Appointment Request

Appointment Request

Yes, I am interested in a medication-free solution to optimize my brain function.

This is important because our practice is all about improving brain function without medication. WE DO NOT ACCEPT MEDICATION MANAGEMENT PATIENTS.

The first step is to set up an Initial Consult Appointment. You will visit with our Center Director who can get to know you and learn of your concerns as well take a detailed history and answer your questions. In addition to the client, others who know the client and are caregivers (other parent or others responsible for decision-making) should attend this meeting.

Depending on the client’s age and ability, an assessment of Mental Concentration measuring, focus, impulsivity, vigilance, and endurance will be conducted and compared to similar age, normed population.

Please allow approximately 90 minutes for this appointment.

Most clients choose to do additional testing at the time of the Initial Consult such as qEEG Brain mapping which is available at a discounted price on the same day of your Initial Consult Appointment. Be sure to download the Special Discount Coupon available in our Download Section and bring it with you. You should plan for a longer visit if you anticipate wanting the qEEG Brain Map or additional testing.

The charge for this initial consult is $195. Please note this charge does not include the cost of a qEEG Brain Map.

We will give you a receipt with all relevant information for insurance submission. We will be happy to check your coverage after the initial consult once we have made a determination of what services might be needed and appropriate.

You can also check with your insurance company first. The code for EEG Neurotherapy is 90901 in the United States, no matter who is providing the service. qEEG brain mapping has codes of 95812, 95957, 90889. Codes for TMS is 9068.

*We accept Insurance for patients suffering from depression who qualify for TMS coverage according to their insurance plan. All other services are provided on self-pay bases.

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