Anxiety Assessment

1. Anxiety, nervousness, worry or fear

2. That things around you are strange, unreal or foggy

3. Detached from all or part of your body

4. Sudden, unexpected panic spells

5. Apprehension or a sense of impending doom

6. Tense, stressed, "uptight" or on edge

7. Difficulty Concentrating

8. Racing thoughts

9. Frightening fantasies or daydreams

10. That you're on the verge of losing control

11. Fears of cracking up or going crazy

12. Fears of fainting or passing out

13. Fears of physical illness or heart attacks or dying

14. Concerns about looking foolish or inadequate in front of others

15. Fears of being alone, isolated or abandoned

16. Fears of criticism or disapproval

17. Fears that something terrible is about to happen

18. Skipping or racing or pounding of the heart

19. Pain, pressure or tightness in the chest

20. Tingling or numbness in the toes or fingers

21. Butterflies or discomfort in the stomach

22. Constipation or diarrhea

23. Restlessness or jumpiness

24. Tight, tense muscles

25. Sweating not brought on by heat

26. A lump in the throat

27. Trembling or shaking

28. Rubbery or "jelly" legs

29. Dizzy, light-headed or off balance

30. Choking or smothering sensations or difficulty breathing

31. Headaches or pains in the neck or back

32. Hot flashes or cold chills

33. Tired, weak or easily exhausted

  Disclaimer:  Our treatments can improve brain function but are not a cure. Results vary for different individuals. Each person's experience is unique, and what works for one patient may not work for another.       Statistical data doesn't apply to individual patients, as no treatment is effective for 100% of patients.

Patient Success Stories

"I can't say enough good things about Brain Wellness Center and all their staff! Everyone is super friendly and knowledgeable, and they were able to explain everything to me I'm simple layman's terms… 
Jason J.
"I have struggled with depression my whole life, and for those who also suffer from it, you know It not only affects you, but everyone around you. I had tried multiple medications, but they either we… 
Leonard S.
"Brain Wellness Center changed my life from the beginning. At first I was skeptical just like you all probably are, saying that this procedure would have a decrease or a complete recovery from depres… 
Gianella A.